Simple Steps to Help You Meditate Daily

It seemed that no matter how good my intentions, I just never seemed to find time to meditate or spend quiet time to reflect on the Word or simply put, be in the presence of the Lord. If you've made a habit of starting your day with God, days seem to go much smoother, not to say that you will not face difficult situations, but you tend to react differently when you get the Word in you early in the morning.


I HAVE A MINOR OBSESSION WITH SMOOTHIES. I first started drinking smoothies, particularly green smoothies when I was pregnant with my son. He was my first child and I didn’t have the healthiest diet when I got pregnant with him. I have always been a fitness fanatic but not always the healthiest eater. 

Total Leg Toning Workout

It's Workout Wednesday my friends and I have put together a Total Leg Toning Workout routine for you. If the time passes as fast as it did this past holiday season, we will be wearing shorts before you know it, so let's get started early on the leg toning!