How I Cope With Bouts of Depression

The thing about depression and feeling low is it can hit you out of nowhere!  Sometimes, I feel moody, anxious, irritable and annoyed for no reason at all. I've cried several times for I don't know what. My life is great and I'm blessed. I have a great family, job and home.

5 Things I Love About Coffee

As I'm sitting here on this quiet Saturday morning, reading blogs and sipping, you guessed it coffee.  I approached the bottom of my mug I started to think about some of the reasons I love coffee so much. So I decided to share a few of them on my blog today.

How I Plan My Workouts

believe that planning and scheduling your weekly workouts is an important step to actually doing them. When I don't have a plan, I am more likely to skip my workout or do something mediocre that I end up feeling was a waste of time. Today I want to share with you  how I plan out my weekly workouts.