How To Adopt a Minimal Lifestyle Without Going Crazy

When I first decided to embrace a more minimal lifestyle I thought there would be some set in stone rules to follow. What I've found with more and more research is there is not. Everyone's definition of minimalism is different and everyone practices minimalism in a different way. This was really good news for me because I am not quite ready to give up my 65-piece Starbucks "You are Here" mug collection!

3 Things to Know About People With Anxiety

If a person with anxiety could stop feeling anxious trust me, we would. The feeling that something is wrong with you when there isn't visible proof is the worst feeling in the world! During my worst days, I would wish I had an injury that people could see and I could treat externally because then I'd know it was really there and I wasn't just crazy.

Three Reasons to Have a Houseplant

When I was a girl growing up in Texas I recall there always being plants around. My aunt used to have beautiful plants lining her stairwell outside as you walked up the stairs. She would also have them inside big and small. I remember my favorite ones being the big elephant ear (Tarul) plant. 

Simple Steps to Help You Meditate Daily

It seemed that no matter how good my intentions, I just never seemed to find time to meditate or spend quiet time to reflect on the Word or simply put, be in the presence of the Lord. If you've made a habit of starting your day with God, days seem to go much smoother, not to say that you will not face difficult situations, but you tend to react differently when you get the Word in you early in the morning.