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Relaxation Ideas for Busy People

Relaxation Ideas for Busy People

Hello there! I hope you are all doing well, Today I wanted to share some relaxation ideas I use for stress relief and unwinding. These things also help my body unwind from the physical strain I have put on it with my daily commute and workouts. The title states these ideas are for busy people but in actuality, anyone can benefit from these relaxation tips.

Light a candle.

For some reason candles automatically make me feel more calm and peaceful. I like to light candles at night once I've laid down for bed. The scent and warmth of the candle helps me to relax. I like these candles by Paddywax Candles in Lavender & Thyme.

Drink a cup of tea.

Not only does tea help you relax, but there is something about holding a warm mug that is simply euphoric to me :). There are many varieties of tea on the market and some specifically made for stress relief and relaxation. I like to drink a calming tea when I am feeling stressed or anxious. You should avoid any with caffeine when you want to relax. I try to stick with a chamomile tea which helps me unwind and also helps me get to sleep faster.

Chamomile Tea Regulates Blood Sugar, Prevents and Manages Diabetes

Chamomile tea's benefits

aren't only for those with diabetes. For diabetics, stabilizing blood sugar is crucial for good health, but the truth is even people without diabetes can benefit from maintaining normal blood sugar levels. Blood sugar swings

Have a bath or use a relaxing shower gel or massage oil.

Baths are usually a surefire way to relax but who has time? When you don't have time for a bath you can use a relaxing shower gel or massage oil. The scent of the gel in the heat of the shower is very relaxing. When I use relaxing shower gels I literally want to go straight to sleep after my shower. Some of my favorites are from the Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy collection. 

Spend time with God.

My final tip but probably the most important, is to spend some alone time with yourself and God. Meditate and reflect on the good things in your life, and remember why you do what you do. Take time to think about the unnecessary things in your life that you could eliminate to make it less stressful. Remember to take life one day at a time and trust God to help you through it.

What do you do to relax?

What relaxing products would you recommend?




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