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Fat Blasting Jump Rope Workout

Fat Blasting Jump Rope Workout


Hello awesome friends, I hope you are doing well today. Well I am back on schedule with bringing you weekly workouts to help you get totally ripped! Well not really, but they will help keep you in shape to live your life. Today I have for you a Fat Blasting Jump Rope Workout.

I am currently on week 5 Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide and I am still loving it. The workouts are beginning to get progressively more difficult but I am ok with that. You wouldn't think that you could work so hard in 7 minutes that you would be dying for your first break, But you can! This program brings it, but you also have to put in the effort.

In the BBG program there are some circuits where you have to jump rope or skipping as I guess they call it in Australia. Well I am totally obsessed skipping now. Jumping rope in this program has made me remember how effective it is, IT KICKS YOUR BUTT! Because of this, I decided to create a full workout around it just for you.

Jumping rope gets your heart pumping quickly and burns massive calories, Christmas cookies anyone???  Check out this article on Lifehack for more benefits of jumping rope.

For this workout you will need a jump rope, a timer, a pair of dumbbells and of course some water. Try to complete the entire circuit (which you will repeat 4 times) before you take a break. Refer to my workout disclaimer here, as this workout may not be for everyone.

Oh and sharing is caring so please pin this workout so your friends can get their butts kicked too ;)

Required Equipment:

Jump Rope

Fat Blasting Jump Rope Workout


Do you like Jumping (Skipping) Rope?

When was the last time you actually tried it?

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