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Organizational Tips for the Side Hustling Blogger

Organizational Tips for the Side Hustling Blogger

I believe 2016 is going to be a great blogging year for me. How? Because I plan to make it a great blogging year. I'm going into this year with a more positive attitude and a mindset to get more stuff done!Bye bye procrastination, I have to leave you in 2015. This year, I'm applying all of the organization skills I learned in Graduate School to my blogging life! With the skills I learned I put together a few Organizational Tips for the Side Hustling Blogger. These tips were created for the person who, works a full-time job, may have a family, is in school and basically just doesn't have the luxury to blog full-time YET.

Organizational Tips for the Side Hustling Blogger
Organizational Tips for the Side Hustling Blogger

Now since many of you are not bloggers and I like to cater to ALL of my reading audience, fear not! These tips can be applied to anyone that is trying to be more organized in their daily lives...so umm don't click away, please keep reading.I know in order to get more stuff done I have to be organized. I'm not going to lie, in the first part of 2015 I had a fly by my pants type of blogging life. No planning, no scheduling just "oh I have a great blog post idea, let me post it" No Bueno!

2015 went by so fast I literally don't know what happened, and I believe unorganized blogging caused me miss out on some massive blog engagement and growth.

As the year progressed I knew there had to be a better way, so I started using the tips I am about to share, and blogging went MUCH smoother for me. See, what I learned is when I wasn't prepared or organized, blogging seemed to be much more of a chore than the creative craft I love.

Organizational Tips for the Side Hustling Blogger

Make a schedule and stick to it

Work, family life, blogging, workouts they all go on the schedule.


The conversation between hubby and I went like this:

Me: I really want to be more organized with blogging in 2016.

Husband: You need to organize your whole life in 2016.

Me: Grrrrr!

No but really he was right, I do! In 2015 I did so many things with no schedule. I got stuff done but not efficiently. Having a firm schedule that everyone in the family knows about keeps everything on track and keep you organized. This also helps to keep you from neglecting other responsibilities.

I can recall days when 1 blog post took hours out of my day because I didn't pre-plan it. Learn from my mistakes and keep a schedule. Currently on my office door:

Organizational Tips for the Side Hustling Blogger
Organizational Tips for the Side Hustling Blogger

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 Utilize"free time".

I ride the train to and from work so I have about 2 hours of free time on my hands each weekday. I use this time to plan out blog posts, comment on blogs, plan workouts, grocery lists etc. I plan to continue to use every moment of those hours to stay productive.

It's amazing how much you can get done when you don't have any distractions,  except maybe the person asleep in front of you with their mouth wide open! :)  As a matter of fact I'm writing this blog post draft on the train right now using Evernote. Good job Ivanna, Good job!

Can you think of some free time that you have in which you could fit in some mini tasks that needs accomplishing?

Ask for help.

As a wife, mom, full-time worker, and a side hustling entrepreneur, I am juggling a lot. Plus I want to workout and have a semi-social life. Learning to delegate and ask for help is a MUST if I want everything to work. My kids are 9 and 11 years old I think it's time they get involved around the house.

This year I'm going to teach my mini me's to help out with basic chores. My husband has been saying we should do this for some time now and I'm finally ready. Clearing off the table, washing dishes, putting away laundry...ain't nobody got time for that! Well the kids do hahaha. They gone learn today.

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Even though we all claim to be Super Wo(man) and even though we partly are, we can also use help from time to time. Don't be afraid to ask for help in order to keep your schedule tight and keep your side hustle going strong.

Blogging friends, what tips can you offer the side hustling blogger?

Everyone, when do you fit in mini tasks?

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