How to Start A Fitness Routine Using the Internet


As someone who has always been passionate about exercise and fitness, you can say I'm sometimes ignorant to the fact that not everyone I come in contact with likes to exercise. I'm the person who meets someone and says, "Hey, want to hang out sometime? Let's meet up and go for a run!"

If you know me, you will know that is true. Proof of this is in the fact that I've met most of my closest friends by inviting them for a workout, or by them asking me workout and exercise advice.

Well for people who are not as crazy about exercise as I am, starting a routine can be difficult and some don't know where to begin. Today I want to give you some simple ways to start a sustainable fitness routine using the internet as a guide.


+ Identify your purpose for exercise.

Are you only wanting to follow the American Heart Associations recommendation for daily exercise? Or is it to lose weight, tone-up or prepare for some type of fitness related event? Identifying your reason will help you decide what type of routine you should create.

After you decided why you want to start a new routine, search for fitness related things online that interest you. Be sure to search for something inline with your goals. Do you enjoy running? Cycling? Dancing? Search for running clubs, spin classes or Zumba classes in your area and try them out. Most places will let you try your first class free, this is good for a beginner because then you are not signing up and paying for something you may not like.

If you have a more specific goal, say weight loss, do a Google search for "running for weight loss" or "weightlifting routines for toning"  you will get tons of information and you just have to give one of them a try.

+ Give the plan you choose some time.

This is unless it hurts you or you absolutely hate it. You want to create consistency in whatever you choose to do, that is how you will see results. The online resources for fitness and exercise routines are seemingly endless, you should check them out. There are also apps like Nike Training Club and Pump up that takes the guess-work out completely. I highly recommend these.

+ Hire an online fitness expert.

If you are still clueless about what you want to do, and how to start a routine, you could hire a trainer to help you create a routine. Most times after working with me for a while, my clients learn how to do the things I teach them on their own, including creating a plan.

Yes I love for my clients to keep coming back, but I also like to give them knowledge and tools they can use on their own.

+ Schedule your workouts.

Once you have found a plan you like, decide how many days you will do it each week. Use your Google or Smartphone calendar to plan each workout like an appointment. This is a good way to keep you from falling off the exercise wagon.

I  also suggest you purchase a fitness tracker to keep up with your daily activity. You can also buy a few items to use at home when you can't make it to the gym. I suggest a set of dumbbells, resistance bands, a jump rope, a stability ball and of course a great water bottle to start. You always want to have a back-up plan.

Begin your new routine by trying to exercise 4-5 days a week if possible. Doing so will help you master your new-found fitness activity as well as get you in good shape. Don't over do it though, and listen to your body. Many times people want to go all out when they first start a fitness routine, this is great for their mental motivation but not for their body. Take it slow so you don't get hurt and end up sitting on the sidelines because you have to, not because you want to!

+ Just do it.

The last step is just to do it! There is no time like today to start, everyone had to start somewhere and this is your time. If you have any questions about starting a new routine, I'd love to help. Leave me a comment below. 

What fitness activity are you considering trying?

♡ live healthy + happy,


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