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What I Learned From 12 Weeks of BBG

What I Learned From 12 Weeks of BBG


Today I am starting the BBG 12 Week Challenge and I am excited about it. The last couple of times I've done BBG I haven't made it through the entire 12 weeks and I'm determined to do so this time.

I have completed the entire 12 weeks of the BBG program before and I loved the way I felt when I did. Today I wanted to share with you what I learned from my first 12 weeks of BBG to give you an Idea of why I keep doing it. My goal is to check in with you all once a week and let you know how the challenge is going and maybe even share some of the workouts I am going. 

I titled this post "What I Learned From 12 Weeks of BBG" but to be honest, many of the things I am going to discuss I already knew. They were simply reiterated to me by going through this program.

Just to backtrack a little in case you are not familiar with what BBG is, BBG is the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide (BBG). This program consists of a 12-week program that includes, resistance training, cardio, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Low Intensity Steady State cardio (LISS). The program also incorporates rehabilitation days and rest days. She also offers a nutrition guide which I did not purchase.

Kayla Itsines herself is an Instagram "Superstar" with over a million self-proclaimed "BBG Girls"


So the first thing I learned is you can get an excellent workout in 28 minutes. When I first started the program I thought it would be easy but I was wrong. Trying to get as many reps as you can done in a 7 minute period makes you push yourself. You are fighting against yourself and trying to get better each workout. The workouts get progressively harder in this program which makes you stronger.

This leads me to my next point small girls can be strong. I surprised myself after each workout I felt like I was stronger and faster. Kayla Itsines is another example that small girls can be strong. She is so tiny but can do pull-ups with the best of them. I finally gained enough strength and courage to do my first handstand in like 20 years ;)

What I Learned From 12 Weeks of BBG
What I Learned From 12 Weeks of BBG

Rehabilitation is importantI'm going to be real with you here...I don't stretch, foam roll, yoga, pilates or any of that like I probably should. The BBG program has rehabilitation programmed into each workout which kind of forces you to do. I won't say I never skipped ;)

Last but not least one of the final things I learned after 12 weeks of BBG is community rocks! The BBG Instagram community is insane. So many ladies all working to get stronger and into better shape and they all support each other. I think this is pretty amazing. I am a firm believer that accountability and support are important for success.

So that's it friends. BBG is a great program and that is why I keep doing it. It lives up to the hype. My goal this time is to finish the entire program of course. I also want to get faster each round and to continue to gain strength and get toned up.

If you are a BBG girl download this calendar I created to track the workouts. I find using this makes it so much easier! Email me if you want the PDF version hello@ivannamarie.com

Have you tried any of the BBG programs or the app yet?

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