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How My Husband Helps Keep My Blog Fresh

How My Husband Helps Keep My Blog Fresh

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Fitness blogging and content creation is my passion, I absolutely love doing it. I love creating fresh posts, workouts and videos for my audiences here on my blog and on my YouTube channel. As much as I love what I do, it is not always easy to do alone.

There are so many parts to publishing a new blog post especially a workout post or a video. For instance, when creating a blog post, you have to come up with an idea and write about it yes, but you also have to edit the post, check for correct spelling/grammar, take and edit your photos, record and edit videos and much more.

I love every bit of the blog creation process but sometimes I need a little help turning a post from good to great, and that is where my amazing husband steps in and helps me out.

My husband loves photography, he has a great eye and always seems to get the perfect shot. Although he prefers landscape photography, my blog has given him the opportunity to practice, improve and display his live object photography skills.

There are many days when I want to post a new workout and I need him take some photos of me working out. I am grateful for him because having a live person taking photos is MUCH better than trying to control a tripod and a timer! My husband is able to use his creative eye to direct me so that we can get the perfect shot.

How My Husband Helps Keep My Blog Fresh

Sometimes he even takes random photos of me posing ... at my request of course hahaha 😃 but he is always willing to step up and take a great photo for my blog or Instagram.

How My Husband Helps Keep My Blog Fresh

To be honest, I feel the photography and video editing requires the majority of the effort when it comes to publishing a fresh post. The post topic, content ideas, workouts and video ideas come pretty easy to me. The real creativity is editing the content and ensuring it portrays the story and experience I am trying to relay to my audience.Thankfully with my husbands help, I am able to do just that.

In order to get a great photo for blog post, there are a few steps that He has to take, I'll share them with you here.

+ Find a location.

In order to get the perfect photo, we first have to find a location that we both agree is good for the post. Lately I have been going for a minimalist theme, I like bright, clear and minimalist photos that focus on the object for my blog and Instagram feed.

For this particular shoot it was quite easy and we used the front yard. The garage door was a perfect back drop to the simple stretches and exercises I was performing.


+ Transfer images to the computer and edit.

After finding a location and taking several photos, my husband heads to the computer to freshen up the images. Whether he is cropping out things we don't want in the photo or brightening the photo in order to help it match the desired theme, these are all steps that are a part of creating a post we can be proud of.

How My Husband Helps Keep My Blog Fresh

+ Add photos to the blog post.

The next step to the process is to add the photos to the blog post in a manner that flows with the story. This is where I step back in and let my creativity go to work. I love seeing all of our hard work come together into a final post.

How My Husband Helps Keep My Blog Fresh

Recently in order to keep our creative juices flowing we have been enjoying SToK™ Cold-Brew Iced Coffee. You guys know how much I LOVE my coffee and my husband loves coffee as well. Now that it is starting to warm up Iced Coffee is perfect and SToK™ Cold-Brew Iced Coffee is DELICIOUS! It is pure coffee with no weird added ingredients.

One thing I love about this coffee is that all you have to do is pour and go! No waiting for the coffee to brew or cool down, that has already been done for me. SToK™ Cold-Brew Iced Coffee is slow brewed for 10 hours to give you a bold & smooth flavor, great things take time including great coffee and blog posts!

How My Husband Helps Keep My Blog Fresh

There are two flavors to choose from, one that is un-sweet and one that is not too sweet. This is perfect because I enjoy my coffee sweet and my hubby not as much. I also like that you can add your own creamer if you'd like. We picked up a few of the SToK™ 48 oz Cold Brew Iced Coffee'sat our local Wal-Mart. This geeked-out coffee is the perfect alternative to energy drinks, and also awesome when you need a little help getting those creative juices flowing.

How My Husband Helps Keep My Blog Fresh

SToK™ Cold-Brew Iced Coffee has also been giving the hubby the energy and extra creative powers to make it through his editing sessions.

How My Husband Helps Keep My Blog Fresh

My husband plays a large role in keeping the content on Petite Heartbeat fresh and interesting. I am blessed to have such a supportive and creative husband that contributes to a passion of mine and helps keep it going.

Every blue moon...and I do mean blue moon, he will even get in front of the camera and let me take a photo of him :) He thinks he's better behind the camera but I'd have to disagree...it's always the photogenic ones that don't like getting photos taken isn't it?

How My Husband Helps Keep My Blog Fresh

Does your significant other play a part in keeping your passions going strong and running smoothly?

Have you tried SToK™ Cold-Brew Iced Coffee ? If not, which would you like to try un-sweet or not too sweet?

♡ live healthy + happy


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