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Squat + Push-Up Pyramid Workout

Squat + Push-Up Pyramid Workout


Hello beautiful friends! Today I have a workout for you all that you can do when you need to get your body moving but you don't have the space and may not have any equipment. This workout can be done anytime and anywhere but is awesome for small spaces.

I do these types of workouts as warm-ups with my boot camp classes and they loved it. Here is how this Squat + Push-up Pyramid Workout works. You start at the top of the pyramid doing the listed amount of squats. For instance on this one you start with 5 standard squats.

Squat + Push-Up Pyramid Workout

After you complete your 5 squats go straight into performing 5 push-ups. Feel free to get fancy on the push-ups ;) or you can just keep them simple.

Squat + Push-Up Pyramid Workout

You repeat this all the way to the bottom of the pyramid ending with 30 squats and your last 5 push-ups.  So in total thats 105 squats and 30 push-ups 💪🏽 .

There are No breaks! The idea is to make it through this workout as quickly as possible. This will insure you get a great calorie burn and overall workout. You are welcome to add in a set of dumbbells to the squats to make them a little more challenging.

You can perform this workout more than once if you are feeling bold. This is also a great workout to do as a fasted cardio session, it is quick and effective! Remember friends always refer to my workout disclaimer before performing any of the workouts I post on my site.

Required Equipment: 


Dumbbells: (optional)

Do you have a go-to workout for when you just have to get moving?

♡ live healthy + happy


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