Embracing Your Fitness Personality

Until recently I was a personal trainer. I am still technically certified, but no longer training clients. With the title of "personal trainer" comes an expectation to be totally fit and have a stellar diet. Um no! Honesty over all the years of being a personal trainer I've considered myself to be just a normal person who loves fitness.

My body is normal ... I'm not ripped, if I slack off too much I get puffy all around. At 5 foot tall it doesn't take much for that to show up either. I love working out, but I don't do it every day.

As far as my diet goes, I try to eat "healthy" to keep my weight in check, but in reality most of my veggies come from smoothies because I am not a big fan of the way they taste. I eat pizza, hamburgers and sugar and go through spurts of being very healthy and not so healthy.  I guess you'd say I'm healthy-ish.

Fitness has helped me through so many things, anxiety, PTSD, pregnancy weight gain and more. Fitness has improved my overall mood and livelihood. I get excited about health and fitness and I could literally discuss it with someone all day.

I find that people tend to think you have to be all in with fitness but that is not the case. We all have different fitness personalities and that's ok.

Some people are all in, hardcore ... eat, sleep, breathe fitness. Some people just love fitness and simply feel passionate about it and telling others about it (I feel I'm in this category). Others follow a fitness routine because they know they need it to be healthy. Lastly for some people it takes a ton of effort because they do not like it at all.

Either way, I believe that as long as you are doing something active and trying to make healthier eating choices most of the time you are on the right track. Don't think you have to have the same fitness personality as anyone else.

Your fitness personality may even change at some points of your journey as well. I know mine has! No one is perfect not even the hardcore fitness lovers, we are just humans trying to survive the fit life ;)

What's your fitness personality?

♡ Ivanna