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Help Stop Childhood Obesity With No More 24

Help Stop Childhood Obesity With No More 24

The post is sponsored by LiveWell Colorado @LiveWellCO #NoMore24.

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Colorado has a reputation of being one of the healthiest states in the nation. Many Colorado adults take pride in being fit, active and living healthy lifestyles. Colorado adults are notably some of the most fit and active adults in the country.

With such a fit adult population in Colorado, you may be surprised to know that Colorado kids are not very fit. In fact, Colorado kids rank 24th out of 50 states for physical activity. Colorado kids are basically just average when it comes to their physical activity levels.

Let's Put a Stop to Childhood Obesity #NoMore24

Less than half of middle schoolers in Colorado have P.E. five days a week. My kids personally only have P.E. one day a week! When I was in elementary, middle and high school I LOVED P.E. It was one of my favorite times of the school day.

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In addition to lack of physical activity, some Colorado kids face barriers that put them at a higher risk for childhood obesity. According to The Colorado Health Foundation:

"Low-income families, Hispanics, African-Americans and rural communities are more likely to lack healthy food options and safe places to be physically active close to home. Barriers like these within their communities leads to higher rates of obesity." It is currently reported that 25% of Colorado kids are overweight or obese.

Let's Put a Stop to Childhood Obesity #NoMore24

It is time we do something to improve these statistics.

No More 24

The No More 24 campaign is a movement to increase Coloradan's awareness of the issue of childhood obesity. Together with small changes we can help end childhood obesity and give our kids a brighter and healthier future. We can also help move Colorado kids from #24 to #1!

So, What can you do to help? First, Visit NoMore24.org and sign the pledge to put kids first. There you will also see the other ways you can help us with ensuring that all Coloradans have access to health, including:

Nutritious food at school

Safe walking and biking opportunities

Healthy, affordable food in all Colorado communities

At least 30 minutes of physical activity each day in school for all students

Access to affordable recreation spaces after school for all children

Also, stop back by next week as I will discuss more ways to get involved and steps you can take to help end childhood obesity.


Childhood obesity ends with you!

Are you in?


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