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3 Ways To Motivate Kids To Get Active

3 Ways To Motivate Kids To Get Active


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Hello, there beautiful friends! I hope you are having a fantastic day and week. Last week I shared with you information about the No More 24 campaign. This campaign is a movement a  to change our communities, schools, and state to end childhood obesity here in Colorado and beyond. If you missed that post be sure to go back and read it here.

Today I'm sharing with you some ways to help motivate kids to get active.  Don't have kids? That's ok, this will be information you can implement no matter what your family dynamic is.

I have a 12-year-old and an almost 10-year-old. A couple of things I have learned over the years of being a parent is that kids mimic what they see and they do what you allow them to do. Setting a good example for my kids with my own activity and fitness is the first things I can do to motivate them to get active.

If my kids don't see my husband and I working out or staying active, it is possible that they may feel it is not important and they won't be active either. We know exactly how important physical activity it is and try to show the kids the importance of it as well.

3 Ways To Motivate Kids To Get Active

Set the example.

One of the first ways to motivate kids to get active is to set a good example. This could be by letting your kids workout with you, doing fitness activities as a family or even talking to kids about the importance of physical activity. If you make health and fitness a priority in your life the kids will have a good model to make it a priority in theirs.

Make physical activity fun.

Let's face it, kids like to have fun! If you give them an activity to do that is "boring" they will either not do it or complain the entire time. Find out what physical activities your kids like to do and let them do that. Sometimes it may take awhile for them to figure out that is why it is important to let them try different things.

For kids, this can be something as simple as a daily walk to the park where they can run around and get sweaty. Organized sports are not the only way to be active. Think outside the box when you think physical activity, Jump rope, Hopscotch, and Monkey bars all get kids moving and are things kids for the most part enjoy.

Get Involved.

Getting involved extends beyond just your household and your own kids, you can also get involved in your community like with the No More 24 campaign. Here are some ways you can help put kids first.

Ultimately kids depend on us adults to guide and motivate them in the right direction when it comes to being active and healthy. Let's make sure that we are doing our part to ensure our kids are also healthy, happy + free! First, Visit NoMore24.org and sign the pledge to put kids first.

How do you motivate your kids or kids in your life to get active?

♡ Ivanna


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