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My First Pure Barre Class

My First Pure Barre Class


Last week I attended my first Barre class at Pure Barre in Denver. I'll admit I was a little nervous about it. You know how you sometimes avoid doing stuff because you don't think you'd be any good at it? Well, that was me with Barre classes. Lucky for me, I was invited to the class by Suja Juice for a meet and greet event they held there for local bloggers and it turned out to be a lot of fun. I wasn't great at it but I did ok. :)


My First Pure Barre Class

The workout was tough and I worked out some muscles that I hadn't in a long time, but I really enjoyed it. It always amazes me how such subtle movements can have such a huge impact on the body. They also can produce some amazing results if you stick with it.


I think I try to avoid this kind of class because I have zero coordination and it's a little hard for me to follow directional instructions...and there was a lot of that! I'm glad I did it, it wasn't as bad as I thought. Plus there were other newbies there so I wasn't alone in my struggle.


After the class, Suja held a meet and greet and tasting. We had a chance to try out some of the Suja flavors. I have already tried a bunch of them because they send me a care package. I really love the Master Cleanse flavor and the Mighty Greens flavor.

All of the juices I have tried so far are good. I also like that Suja is now in Denver and their juices are affordable, unlike some other organic cold pressed juices. These are also available at Target.


I left with a swag bag which included a free 3-day cleanse that I ordered and plan to start this week. Stay tuned to hear more about that. Thank you Suja and Pure Barre Cherry Creek for a fun event. Thank you Suja and Pure Barre Cherry Creek for a fun event.


So friends...

Have you tried Pure Barre or Suja Juices?

♡ Ivanna


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