Treadmill Boredom Busters

Now that the weather is starting to get a little cooler I have been taking to the treadmill for my runs. I tend to gravitate to indoor running when its cold. Cold weather running and I don't mix.

Today I wanted to share with you some of the things I do to make my treadmill workouts a little more exciting. I know that some people really don't like the treadmill and feel like a hampster on a wheel but I really enjoy it.

This is a workout routine that I do when I am not doing a long run or trying to keep a consistent pace. It is for when I am simply using the treadmill to get in a workout and some cardio.

Before you start, put on some loud music or even watch YouTube videos. I find that doing this distracts me and makes the time go by so much faster.

treadmill boredom busters

I usually start my workout with a 5-minute walk and then I proceed to do sprint intervals.

Something like this:

I use the Gymboss interval trainer app on my iPhone to tell me when to start and stop. I usually set it for about 15-20 rounds which comes out to be about a 30-minute workout.

After I am done with that I usually put on my ankle weights and do some incline walking. This does wonders for the booty! I put my treadmill at its highest incline and walk at a 3.0 pace. I could do this all day!

Now these next few things may not be for the coordination challenged, so if you are attempting these, do so at your own risk! :) 

I do shoulder press while walking at a very slow pace, never attempt while running lol! I do bicep curls and triceps extensions as well.

Sometimes I even do walking lunges, with these I have the treadmill at a 1.0 its slowest speed and sometimes I hold on to the rails.

As a disclaimer, I have been exercising and using the treadmill for a long time, so this may not be for someone new to exercise or using the treadmill so know your limits. I find this routine enjoyable and find that it makes my workouts on the treadmill more bearable.

I hope you enjoyed this post, what are some of the things you do to bust treadmill boredom?

♡ Ivanna