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Getting Back To 5k Races With The Getaway 5k

Getting Back To 5k Races With The Getaway 5k

This post is in collaboration with and sponsored by Vocalpoint and the Getaway 5kall opinions and ideas in this post are my own. #SunFunRun #Getaway5K

Have you ever stopped and thought about something you used to do and really love but don't do anymore? I do, there are so many things that I used to love and have a strong interest in, but I just don't do them much anymore.

One of those things for me is running 5k races. I really enjoy running and I used to sign up for just about every 5k that came to my area. For some reason I stopped and I only do a few here and there. For me running is a time to challenge myself as well as a time to burn off steam and stress. 

I also find races a good time to have fun and connect with your friends and family while being active.

In September I am grabbing a few friends and getting back to running 5k races starting with the Getaway 5K in Denver. I was invited to run the Getaway 5K by Vocalpoint and Getaway 5K and I couldn't refuse. I believe this race is the perfect way to get back to running 5k's and have fun while doing it. 

The Getaway 5K is a fairly new but exciting race, the first race was held in San Antonio this past February. Participants loved the race and 80% said they would recommend the event. Based on participant feedback, there is a 10K being added to the Denver race. 

The Getaway 5K is a race for everyone. At the San Antonio race, the youngest runner was 6 and the oldest was 69! This race includes a Kids Fun Run, 1 Mile Family Walk, 5K and 10K. And of course there will be a party at the Finish Line!

If that all isn't enough to persuade you to sign up and run with us maybe the race day swag will. All race levels get a high quality soft cotton t-shirt, to show their race pride (10K participants get a ¼ zip pull-over jacket) and everybody talks the race medal! What's a race without the medal? I mean did you even run?! ;)  Finishers of the 5K and the 10K get a race specific medal that doubles as a bottle opener and magnet! Um score! 

The Getaway 5k is all about getting together with your friends and having fun in the sun while running (or walking) and being active. I am super excited about this race and I hope you will join me for it.

I have an exclusive code just for you guys if you want to have fun in the sun with me. Use the code: SunFunRun5E to get 15% off race entry fees. The race is being held on Sunday September 10th at the Cherry Creek State Park in Aurora. Head on over to the race website here for more details and to register. I hope to see you there!

So tell me, what is something you love that you want to get back to doing?

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