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Total Leg Toning Workout

Total Leg Toning Workout

It's Workout Wednesday my friends and I have put together a Total Leg Toning Workout routine for you. If the time passes as fast as it did this past holiday season, we will be wearing shorts before you know it, so let's get started early on the leg toning!

For this FAST yet intense leg workout you will need a sturdy bench or chair, access to a wall sturdy enough to lean against and a timer. This workout is designed to target the total leg and you should feel the burn when you are done! Watch your form to make sure you are getting the most out of each move.

Repeat this workout 4 times through. You can take a 1 minute break in between each round. Be sure to check out my workout disclaimer here as this workout may not be for everyone. I want you to get fit but I also want you to be safe.

Have a good lower body stretch when you are finished with this workout as well as hydrate throughout.

Don't forget to pin this workout so you can enjoy it over and over. :)


You can incorporate this workout into your routine 1-2 times per week to get the best results. I normally like to give legs a day or two between before working them again, so you could try like a Monday and a Thursday.


I know we are only about a week in, but how are the resolutions going?

Who else is already ready for Spring?!

Have a great day friends!


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